Silver Quill Blogger Award

I thank my lovely fellow blogger and poet, Besma Al-Qassar of Life Demiraged for nominating me for the Silver Quill Blogger Award.

The rules for this award, if you choose to accept, are to paste the logo of this award on the top of your post. Thank the person who nominated you.  Answer the questions below. Nominate five or more people, list them and let them know that they have been nominated.

The five people whom I would like to nominate for this award are:

1- Marie (Sufilight) of Dance With Truth for making me aware

2- Susan L. Daniels of Susan Daniels Poetry for making me feel

3- R.K. House for making me laugh (out loud)

4- Sharmishtha Basu of Window To My Soul and many more blogs for making me respect

5- Red from Stuff I Said for making me learn

The Questions:

1- Do you prefer rhyming or non-rhyming poetry?  No preference.  As long as the words are beautifully strung together.

2- What’s your favorite Shakespeare Play?  Romeo and Juliet, and all its reincarnations.

3- Who is your favourite author?   Michael Slory, the leading poet in Suriname.

4- Name three people who you greatly admire.   Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and Martin Luther King.

5- What’s your favourite album ever?   Thriller from Michel Jackson.

6- Which primary color do you most dislike?   Orange, it’s just too orange for me.

7- Name a song or a poem that makes you feel emotional.  Young Politician from Gladius Poeticus because it speaks of hope for my country Suriname.

  1. Thank you so much for the honor! I am way behind in writing a post and thanking others who also nominated me for other awards, but each know that I am appreciative of the gesture as I am with yours. Thanks for being my new friend! 🙂

  2. loved knowing a little more about you.

    thank you so very much for the honour my dear friend!

  3. i love your’s awesome…you are awesome!…do check out mine @ ..ciao!

    1. Waw! So are you! Thanks! I certainty will.

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