The day I found out I was lonely (By Carmen)

The day I found out I was lonely

I had it all. Yeah!

Everything you would envy me for. Or better not!

I had it all, but one thing missing. “Me.”

I was so lonely and lost in the mist of having it all.

Life is a bitch on high heels, whipping ur fate until u bleed stars!

Life gave it all to me.. Spoiled me.

I was rolling like a puppy while life stroked my belly.

La dolce vita was my life then.

I cleaned the dust one day and my castle of dreams vanished with it.

Hanging in the universe, with no ground to stand on.

There I was, without “me”. My soul gambled in the good life’s roulette.

Have you seen my soul!?..

No, I don’t know how it feels like..

I only know how is to miss it..

It’s like waking up one morning with no eyes and mouth.

You can hear the sunny, chirpy morning.

But you can’t draw a smile, nor can you chirp ur song.

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