Clover (By Carmen)


Clover, clover..

All the weeds and all the flowers should be lucky to be you.

The dandelion and the rose and the margarets are gossiping.

You took your good fame from a solitaire woman

From Itaka..

Waiting at the shore.. All her youth seasons.

In her winter, she was about to throw her dreams and drown..

She looked down. At her feet were you, little clover.

She contemplated you for a seccond before she was about to die.

That seccond. That contemplation. That merge of green. The fusion of hope.

She looked up at the horizon and there he was.


Coming back home to his Penelope..

You, big hope in a little shape!

You, perfect green love and luck match.

You, clover clover.

I kinda’ hate love ya’.


The lotus flower.

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