R.I.P., Irene (By Carmen)


Two years ago she was holding these flowers

“Take a picture, she said. That’s for my bride portfolio”

And she giggled

Today all our friends get to see you for the last time, but not me!

All I need to do is to get down in my hearts chapel

And pray for your fascinating, royal soul

I am proud to say that I was blessed to be loved by Irene

I want all of you to know that true friendship NEVER dies

And that friendship is the hope of humanity

These words I say right here right now, are my prayer for a better “now”

In harmony and love

Let’s mean friendship, let us mean LOVE!

I love you, Irene!

And with you I love everyone!

That’s a promise!

Fly away, girl! Spread your Phoenix wings…

To friendship, to LOVE and to Irene!

May God bless her soul now and forever


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