Light Gladiator (By Carmen)


Like flowers are your breaths towards life

Your steps are counting blessings

You’re divine, a one of a kind beautiful angel over this wounded Earth

You came my way as a twin wrestler, bare handed

A light gladiator

This whole world is a shadows scene

You are “here” for humans

To bring them back from their duality

From their agony, their suicidal dance

Your heart is this world’s beacon

I have never seen something like this

In the darkest hours you close your eyes and you go fishing

Despite your own wounds, you go fishing

Your salto over high mountain waves drains you out

This world’s pain is your soul’s wreck

Your cry at the head of dying souls has no sleep and no breathing pause

You keep saying it’s for the last time

But the beacon lights even harder

With every deed you look younger and so incredibly beautiful

You are a diamond of this entire existence

What makes you the most loved though, is that you read this poem

And you ask yourself: “Who? Me?!”

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