Shark with a Clown’s Nose (By Carmen)


I am waiting in a room by the plane, ready to take off

Each and every wears it’s best clothes and the “important” attitude

I sit feet up on my luggage and feel frustrated

Someone is missing

I look around and I feel that everybody is too well adjusted

Where is the blind man?

Where is Elsa from the elderly home?

Where is Kurt in wheel chair?

Where are the crippled and where the unfortunate?

I miss some looks of good fate and humbleness

The hysterical laughter of the happy for nothing

I want to see the Gypsies and the orchestra man

Taking place next to me, burping and farting

I miss some disorder in this facade

We sit in a row, full of ourselves. Citizens of Europe flying soon

The ones they’ve slipped thru, due to regular behavior and looks

I close my eyes and let thru all the weird and noisy

And the plane is tagged: “Shark with a clown’s nose”

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